Rosanna and Joel Kvernmo are the Iron Curtain Press. Together they design, print, photograph, and ship orders plus all other tasks necessary to keep a bustling custom and ready-made print shop running. Their product line features hand-drawn illustrations, hand-set type and vintage block letterpress printed on their one hundred and twenty-five year old press. They also do custom work! Iron Curtain Press prides itself in creating fitting designs for other companies and individuals as well as letterpressing existing designs.

With industrialization and the birth of digital printing, letterpress—a technique dating back to the 15th century—has come to represent traditional sophistication and quality. The Iron Curtain Press embraces the charm and beauty of this slow and deliberate printing process, involving hand type-setting, hand-mixing ink, and carefully chosen materials, such as 100% cotton paper and non-toxic cleaning supplies. However, their designs retain the playfulness of a West Coast couple enamored with motorcycles, surfing and the perfect turn of phrase.

The shop was founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington but in 2012, the Kvernmos packed up shop and moved to Los Angeles. Each and every design is carefully created, printed and packaged in their studio by hand and with love. What started as a love for stationery and design has grown into a full-time letterpress printing house specializing in custom projects and an original collection of cards and gifts.

Fine Letterpress Printing in Los Angeles.