Frequently Asked Questions

What is letterpress printing?

Letterpress is a style of relief printing that uses raised text and designs, (traditionally made of lead), pressed into paper, causing an impression into paper.  Letterpress was the predominant method of printing from the 15th century through the 19th century. The most common types of modern printing, (inkjet, laserjet, offset, screenprinted, or digital offset) results in ink laying flat on the surface of the paper.  Due to the impression and thick cotton paper used when we print, letterpressed products have a luxurious and tactile feel.


What services do you offer?

We offer letterpress printing and foil printing as well as a variety of finishing details such as duplexing, edge painting and die cutting.


What services are not available?

We work with other great print shops to complete jobs that have processes we are unable to offer in house (off-set printing, digital printing, screen printing). We are unable to transfer data lists of addresses onto envelopes. We are unable to assemble wedding suites and we are not a mailing house. Our edge painting and die cutting are limited to the projects we produce in house.


How long will my project take?

Our turnaround is typically 7-10 business days from the time we receive approval on final art files along with a 50% deposit. We are able to accommodate a quicker turnaround for an additional rush fee.


Will I see a proof?

We provide digital proofs of the artwork that is signed off on before we go to print. We recommend viewing the paper in person and choosing ink colors based on uncoated PMS swatches. We are more than happy to send samples via mail if an in-person visit is not possible.


Do you offer design services?

Yes and no. If you have an existing logo and just need help laying it out for your business card or stationery we are more than happy to help! Our minimum price for this kind of work is $100. We do not offer full design services such as branding or wedding suite design. We absolutely love to meet, discuss the particulars of letterpress and look at samples before your design process begins. We find that this is a great step in creating a beautiful design enhanced by the letterpress process.


How much do projects cost?

There are a few considerations that effect project price, as we like to say, “The possibilities are endless but only as far as the budget can sustain.”  Everything is printed by hand on presses that print one color and one side at a time.  This is referred to as a “lock-up” because the design is being locked into proper position on the press.  Each “lockup” takes time and therefore effects the cost of the overall project.  With this in mind it is safe to assume that the least expensive project will be one that is single sided, single color, with no additional options such as edge painting, foil, die cutting, or paper duplexing.


What ink colors are available?

We mix our ink on a custom basis per job. This allows us to mix the right amount for the job and minimize waste. We match to Pantone colors. Keep in mind that letterpress ink is fairly transparent so full floods of ink will appear “salty”, aka the white paper will show through the ink. There are a variety of reasons we recommend avoiding full floods of ink with letterpress printing, and the ink consistency is definitely part of the issue.


Can my design be double sided?

Yes, we commonly print double sided projects, there are however some considerations regarding two sided projects.

-Double sided projects require an additional lockup, each lockup effects the project price

-Letterpress printing compresses the paper wherever text or design is, so it is smart to avoid having designs “overlapping” on each side of the paper or else the impression will suffer.

-The long and short of it is that we will offer recommendations to make your double sided piece work best


Do you manufacture products for other companies?

No.  We are happy to add custom touches to our own products for private or commercial use, we do not however manufacture wholesale products for other companies.  For example, J. Crew will monogram a t-shirt, they won’t design and make a completely custom garment for another wholesaler.


May I contact you regarding product collaboration?

No.  We have cultivated a specific direction for our brand and though there are thousands of artists and makers that we love, we are not interested in collaboration solicitations at this time.